Recurring Saturday Shred Sessions for 2014-2015 Season and Meetup update

This year we are going to have recurring meetups for every Saturday this 2014-2015 Snowboard season. If you missed our first Saturday Shred at Stevens Pass opening day last weekend, no worries, we’ve got you covered for the remainder of the season!  Whatever snowboard and ski mountain you plan on going to each Saturday, just RSVP on the Saturday Shred meetup and we’ll try to get fellow riders to come with you!

Which takes me to our meetup update…

This year we are going to try something a bit different for meetups, since group members have different season passes to different mountains. I myself have a season pass to Stevens Pass and the EPIC Mountain Pass for out of state trips.  It is very challenging to coordinate based off everyone’s preferences, and committing to a mountain is difficult if you are powder chasing as well. Our goal is to connect Emerald City snowboarders to one another in a fun and inviting way.  You should never have to ride alone when you have the urge to shred.  Also, car-sharing up the mountain is a great way to socialize, save gas and the environment, and save time (by using the HOV lane).

Every Saturday we are shredding somewhere. RSVP on our meetup for the Saturday that you want to go, and post on the conversation thread where you want to go or if you need a car ride.

Warning: If you don’t like socializing, are rude, looking to creep on other riders, then don’t bother joining us!  I’ll bounce you.  We’re a group of friendly riders who want to have a good time and meet new people.

ECB Opening Day at Stevens Pass 12.20.2014